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Bernie Greenberg
Born and raised in Toledo, my earliest recollection of electronics was helping (OK, watching) my Dad assemble our first Heathkit color TV when I was about 4 years old. Obtaining my ham radio license at the age of thirteen gave me a leg up on the competition when I entered electronics classes at Devilbiss high school, and at one point I had electronics for a 3 hour block. While still in high school I obtained my first electronics job working at Blaustein TV on Secor Road, every paycheck going towards the repair and/or modification of my car(s), a habit that I have found nearly impossible to break to this day.

It wasnít until I began working for one of the oldest service shops in Toledo (owned by my Uncle Sid) that I actually began to successfully repair electronics, and I split my time between repairing TVs and installing antenna towers (remember those things?). My uncle taught me everything that I know about how to successfully troubleshoot problems down to a component level, certainly a lost art in these days of disposable electronics. My next job was working for WMHE and the local Muzak franchise, splitting my time between designing/installing and troubleshooting sound systems, and working on remote broadcasts and helping the chief engineer maintain the stationís equipment. 

In my early twenties I was making enough money playing music professionally that I didnít need to work during the week, but thought it best to keep myself busy (and out of trouble) so I began repairing musical equipment on the side for friends. This soon snowballed (and overtook my basement) and I began to entertain the notion of opening up my own sound-system installation and repair business, which I did at the age of 27. My main drive behind this move was that I had befriended many musicians who shared the common horror-story of trying (unsuccessfully) to have their equipment repaired properly as well as having someone stand behind their work. 
Several years into the business I became busy enough with the repair-end of things that I stopped doing installation work altogether, focusing on what I did best; providing the best possible service for my customers and backing it up with a very solid warranty. Soon the factory warranty-station affiliations began to accumulate, and before I knew it I became busy enough to necessitate hiring employees and finding a new and larger location. One thing led to another and the rest (as they say) is history. I have worked very hard to establish and maintain my reputation throughout the past 16+ years as the most reliable and fair service & repair facility in the area, something I am very proud of. My clients do my advertising and that should speak volumes about my business practices. All of the major manufacturers have come to trust me implicitly, as have the music stores and musicians in the area. You donít believe me? Call any one of them for a service recommendation; I am that confident that you will get a glowing report! We have helped literally thousands of musicians, learning institutions and houses of worship over the years...  How may we help you today? 

Jim Szych
My first sparks for electronics came in a kit that I received at age 11. This developed into a hobby for short-wave listening, antenna design and TV repair. I have been fascinated with electronics ever since. Having taken a few high school courses in electronics and after graduation, I went to work for Radio Shack for 11 years and my passion grew to where I had to get my hands inside the great puzzle of electronics. Reading and learning led me to work at Strictly VCRís for 6 years, where I repaired everything but VCRís. In 1997 I began working for PTS where I continue to learn and strive to get all the pieces to the electronics puzzle totally right. Throughout the years I have found that every technician has their own way of troubleshooting problems. Through extensive reading, sharing ideas with other techs and constant tweaking, Iím bound and determined to be the best technician that I can possibly be.


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